Sciences Laboratories:

  • The KSF plans on building three laboratories at Hambisanani High School dedicated to Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Agricultural Sciences respectively.
  • These laboratories will have two primary functions – creating dedicated classroom spaces for these subjects which will alleviate classroom pressures at the school and creating the conditions for success in these three core subjects.
  • A core part of the implementation model includes each laboratory hosting teacher and learner training programmes, particularly during school holiday periods where we will host partner schools from across KwaZulu-Natal for matric revision sessions and teacher training. This model will encourage long-lasting partnerships with both independent and government school learners, parents and teachers.
  • These laboratories will also serve as a hub for other local government schools both for practical sciences teaching and for ongoing training and development of sciences teachers


Science Laboratories

Action items:

  1. Fundraising for construction


  1. Sourcing furnishings/interiors and relevant laboratory materials


  1. Arranging initial teacher training programmes with partner schools


  1. Arranging initial matric revision sessions with partner schools


  1. Working with local government schools to serve as a hub for teaching/training


  • The KSF Library project’s primary focus is literacy development and building a new Library Centre. A range of reading programmes will be developed and run in consultation with the Hilton College librarian, and we have already received a number of donations to stock the new building.
  • In this regard, also we hope to raise funds to hire a local community member who can be trained to run the Library, three times a week for designated after-school use by both school children and members of the wider community.

Library Centre

Action items

1.       Fundraising for construction and part-time librarian


2.       Sourcing furnishings/interiors, book donations and IT equipment


3.       Arranging initial training of part-time librarian in collaboration with Hilton College


4.       Arranging open day for community members with library introduction


5.       Arranging open day with local schools for shared use of the space